Technologies & Services

Service Portfolio

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service portfolio and an optimal price/performance ratio: from overall development and manufacturing of complex components and systems, to smooth and careful logistics planning and execution.

The task set is performed at the highest level of flexibility: different materials are processed with a high degree of technological diversity and expertise, our flexible manufacturing system allows for variable lot sizes, and short reaction times, and careful and precise planning ensures a continuous operational flow of all production lines.

Hörmann Automotive Penzberg GmbH is a major partner with the utility vehicle industry, the agricultural machinery industry and with automotive component suppliers. Check out our “References” page and see for yourself.


Planning, Redesign & Development
We develop custom, high-quality, fast and cost-efficient manufacturing solutions for each client
Prototyping and zero series production: from a single component to complete systems
Laser Cutting
State-of-the-art 2D and 3D flatbed laser cutters allow for cost-efficient processing of precise-fitting parts
We use all common welding processes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic welding
Punching & Molding
Modern excenter an hydraulic presses for precise punching and molding of workpieces
Bending of up to 3 mm thin sheet metal, and of up to 20 mm thick plate materials
Tube Bending
Our expertise allows us to create complex tube geometries
We offer two highly efficient coating processes: Cathodic Dip Coating (CDC) and powder coating
System Assembly
Our highly skilled experts offer full system assembly services
Quality Management
Most complex measurements are performed in our metrology and materials laboratories
Just-in-time delivery, flexible delivery schedule, or just-in-sequence delivery with maximum reliability and flexibility
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