Company Profile

Hörmann Automotive Penzberg GmbH (HAP) has decades of experience designing, developing, manufacturing and processing custom high-quality metal components and systems. 

HAP has emerged from the former MAN buses factory, which was founded in the 1960s in Penzberg. Since 2008, it has been a subsidiary of the Hörmann Group. Today, approximately 50,000 components and systems leave our production facilities daily, and every day about 120 tons of sheet metal in different sizes and formats, and 12,500 meters of tubes are processed in a three-shift operation to produce a range of around 5,000 different products.

Our cutting-edge technologies such as laser systems, welding robot systems, tube bending machines, and above all our more than 630 employees makes us a highly sought-after partner in the automotive industry. At the same time, because we are a subsidiary of the Hörmann Group, our customers also benefit from the synergistic effects of the collective knowledge and expertise of the Hörmann Group.

Every day, we dedicate our significant experience and expert know-how to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of our customers without ever compromising on quality, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


HAP. We manufacture the components you need.